Are you crazy? Right now, with the crisis? There is already a lot of games, right? In Utrera????
That kind of opinions always appears, and it is hard not to be affected by them. Changes are scary, insecurity, vertigo.

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There are also positive opinions, people that support your idea, because they had made important changes too or just because they see it as something positive.
The thing is that nobody knows if something is going to be ok or not.

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The important thing is to be in constantly movement. When you begin to work in a new job you are facing a new challenge, new people to meet, new places and situations. But times go by and what was new becomes rutine. If you want to grow you must move, to a new position, job, country or company, the important thing is to grow.

We realised that we were needing new challenges and because of that we began to rethink about our lifes and jobs. Working in advertising have both, good and bad things, but second ones were beginning to bother us.
Then we start start thinking in how many hours we were dedicating to our work, and all the experience and knowledge we had won in those years. So, why not to try it ourselves?

We were continually selling products to people and now wanted to try with our own product.

Something that help us to overcome the vertigo was thinking in the great experience we were going to live and all the things we were going to learn. This new knowledge was as attractive as the possible good results that we think we are capable of achieve. As many experts and books about startups say, you must not be obsessed with the initial idea, you must be prepared to change, to pivot, if the project need it.

If you are planning start the project alone maybe is a good decision making the list with someone you trust, so the list will as objective as possible. We did it this way and it was very helpful for us.