A startup’s most important resource is its human capital

Yesterday there were two of us, today there are six.

Little by little new talent gets on board with the project, complementary profiles that make it possible for Muquo to constantly improve.

Launching a startup is hard, sometimes you think of everything that’s left to do and it seems to be never ending. At the beginning, you have no other choice but to multitask and try a little bit of everything, but once the seed is planted, you have to delegate tasks so each person can contribute and focus on the things they’re best at.

We’re lucky to have the collaboration of people we trust that make everything flow and advance much faster.

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In order to create a solid base, we needed to cover the 5 pillars of a startup with specialists in every subject:


Muquo creates digital products, so this segment needed to be well covered, that’s why four people work in this development:

Mario Dominguez, Muquo

Mario Dominguez, our CTO. With more than 35 years of experience, fullstack doesn’t come near, he’s capable of working in any language or platform. He doesn’t use frameworks, he creates them.

Artur Forte, Muquo

Artur Forte, our latest addition, works from Brazil and is the hacker, creator and protector of Muquo’s core. He’s the person in charge of administering new servers, he’s capable of solving any setbacks.

In this area, Ruben and I contribute with our grain of sand closely developing with our recruits 😉


Manuel Valladares, Muquo

They say one of the weak spots of startups are numbers, that’s why we needed someone with vast experience that helped us grow while taking firm steps. Manuel Valladares is the guardian of the money box. Owner of MV Asesoramiento, he has spent 37 years creating and advising companies of every type.


Carmen Valladares, Muquo

Muquo Digital products are constantly evolving, that’s why we needed an updated profile that could advise us with every doubt that comes up when one decides to launch a startup and create a product with these features. Carmen Valladares is a young and multifaceted profile, who mixes his knowledge on companies and law, closely inspecting all contracts and documents in order to make sure Muquo is shielded and ready for any eventuality.

Business and Marketing

Rubén Morato, Muquo

Rubén, is in charge of the marketing strategy, the business plan and making sure the project reaches the set goals.

Art direction and video games design

Bárbara Dominguez, Muquo

Bárbara, I’m responsible for the art direction, the concept and the design of video games that we’ll soon share on the blog.

Today, this is the Muquo team. Even if at first glance it may seem like roles are well defined, our aim is for there to be two big transversal branches for the whole team: marketing and development. We believe it’s very rewarding that everyone can contribute with their vision to this very important areas for the growth of Muquo Games.