They say for small startups, it’s very important to get an initial boost from your 3F (Family, Friends and Fools), and we put it to the test.

Last Friday, we posted the blog’s URL on our personal Facebook pages to get measurable results, find mistakes and get initial feedback from our trusted social circles.

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This was the result:

Muquo post Facebook

We got more than 90 likes, 28 shares and 18 comments.

The experiment definitely got a bigger reaction than we expected, seeing as we’re not influencers 😉

Of course, the next step was to look at the results using Google Analytics data:

Primeras visitas del blog

The 88 people who interacted with our Facebook post ended up nearly tripling. They visited 3 pages on average, investing over 4 minutes of their valuable time. The metrics also gave us many other details about these initial visitors, including their original location; they came from 54 different cities in 16 countries, with 83% coming from Spain.

As the visits came mostly from our own surroundings, it was fun for us to look carefully at the cities they came from, because we could figure which visits corresponded to which people. The majority of visits came from the cities where our friends and family live, including a couple of places where they were traveling on vacation XD

Metricas blog Muquo

Sharing these initial results on our blog seemed like an interesting thing to do because people don’t usually publish such modest numbers. We thought that plenty of people would be curious to know if their number of blog visits was large or small for someone who has just started out and hasn’t invested any money in their launch yet, like in this case.

After working on online campaigns for big brands, we know that these figures are tiny and that we have a lot of work still to do. We think that this first test gives us a stepping-off point and shows us that 3F is a powerful force! From now on, we’ll work to multiply our figures and push up the metrics as high as possible. As we move forward, we’ll keep sharing the Growth Hacking tips and techniques we use.

A big thank you to everyone for this first push forward!