We were used to delegate and to work in multidisciplinary teams. Now we have to take more responsibilities. The positive side of this is that we will learn a lot and know our company better.

We are two persons, we must divide the work:

Rubén is responsible of the app development, the business model and the marketing. I am responsible of the art direction: design, illustration of characters, web layout, UX/UI design for the web and the app. However we will work together in the videogame design, because this is Muquo’s essence. Although each one of us is responsible of different tasks, the real thing is that we share all that is possible to share and we try to decide important things together.

Once we had decided our responsibilities we began to prepare the office, and the question was: what equipment we need?.
The last years, in our works, we were given a mobile phone and a laptop, which meant we had a little abandoned ours. So we change the RAM and de hard drive to Ruben’s 2009 laptop and now it seems to be new! I tryed to do the same with my iMac 21.5”, also from 2009, but the motherboard was too old to be compatible with SSD, and even though i changed the hard drive the computer continued to be slow. We sold it in Wallapop and we bought a new iMac 27”. Lastly we have an ipad mini, an iphone 5, an iphone 4, a Nexus 7 and a One Plus 3, enough for first testings in different platforms.

That is how our operations centre is now! 🙂

Nueva oficina, distribuir responsabilidades en una startup