“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)

Rubén was creative director and I, Bárbara, was the leader of digital studio in an advertising agency. We were passionate about our work, but our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to satisfy our concerns. Because of that reason we decided to change our life.

We thought that the best we could do was start a business that join together everything we love and we are good at. We start researching different markets, thinking new ideas and evaluating if we were capable of making them by ourselves. Finally we were attracted to the mobile videogames market, because it gather all that we are looking for: creativity, technology, design and marketing, furthermore, it is a growing industry.

After looking into the industry we realised that there was something that we didn’t like so much. We found that there are validated formats that are repeated one and again in differents games, probably this is supposed to ensure the profitability of the business. Others are a copy of big companies’ mobile games like Supercell, trying to get part of their users.

We didn’t like the idea of that kind of business and we start working in a different way: Transfer the essence of board games to mobile devices. We think that playing in a group and face to face is more fun, much more if you add to the game all the possibilities that the technology we have in our pockets have. Furthermore, this is the perfect excuse to buy board games, and we love them! 🙂

We transfer the essence of #boardGames to #smartphones because playing in a group and face to face is more fun Click To Tweet

We realised that the idea we had didn’t exist in the actual market and after thinking about it we decide that was a good reason to start the project.