From today, we will write in this blog our day to day adventure: leaving everything behind to launch a startup.
I am talking in plural because this is a project of two persons. Bárbara and I, Rubén, we are going to share our experiences because it has been very helpful for us to read other startup’s experiences, and we want to make our contribution.

The fact that we will be writing during the process can lead to false assumptions, can disclose prototypes that can change in the future and also allow us to share some questions, doubts and all our learning process.

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We intend to write a post a week, every Monday. Sometimes this will not be possible, sometimes we will write more than that, it will depend in what we have to say and how much work we will have.

We hope that at least this blog allows us to know and help others wanting to launch a startup.


Dejarlo todo para emprender