Bárbara and I used to live in Madrid, we were used to have a steady job and a high standard living, because of that we decided to start our business without leaving our current work. That was our first error, combining the startup and our work. Despite efforts to get up early or staying up late, work weekends or any free time, we made no progress.
So we start to think in devoting 100% of our effort to the project, what means leaving our works and therefore our guaranteed monthly income of money.

We did the math and start thinking what costs we would be able to reduce. The purpose was to know how many time we could survive without any income, only our savings.

The first conclusion was: we need to leave Madrid, it’s a very expensive city. So, were we go? After thinks a lot we decided to move to Utrera (Sevilla), my home town. Utrera is a city where we could reduce the amount of money we need every month and furthermore we could disconnect from the hectic pace of the capital and focus 100% in our project, Muquo.

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It was in may when we decided to do it, we left the agency and we start our trip to the south of Spain.