Working from anywhere without being tied down to one specific place

We wanted to form part of this paradigm shift in work and turn it into one of Muquo’s basic foundations.

Creating a high-quality product requires talent, however, and attracting that talent means implementing different strategies:

Large companies compete not only by offering high salaries, but also by setting up the largest, most modern facilities: buildings with recreational areas, gyms, green spaces, daycare for children, and more.

At startups, we have a hard time competing against multinationals with our checkbooks. That is why we have to be skilled at making the most out of the advantages of working through the Internet, allowing us to provide a different type of reward: freedom.

Our goal is to create remote work teams made up of individuals who get the chance to choose where they want to live and take control over their own time. Working from coffee shops, libraries, co-working spaces, hotels, bookstores and even from home, they can organize their own schedules and combine their personal and professional lives to meet their needs. This not only provides workers with freedom but also allows us to seek talent from any place in the world, no matter where the company’s main headquarters happens to be.

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The potential to choose where you want to live and design your own work schedule is very appealing, but it requires a different type of organization based on trust, as well as striving for personal and professional growth.

Working remotely has the disadvantage of losing the nuance in non-verbal communication, which is why we do not rule out holding live meetings from time to time. There is undoubtedly a long road yet to travel and many methodologies to be experimented with. At Muquo, we will test every possible tool, process and routine so that we can create a company in which results are what matter instead of location.

If you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad, I recommend you visit this community, because it is filled with resources essential to living this new lifestyle.